bon8 รับออกแบบโลโก้

logo design:

designprice (THB)
logo & CIstart at 20K

unique & creative content:

designprice (THB)
Mascotstart at 35K

bon8 รับออกแบบงานสิ่งพิมพ์

printing media: catalogue, leaflet, brochure and card

sizeprice (THB)
revision: text & graphic1/2 of price
revision: text1/4 of price


  • price is not included copyright photo

bon8 รับออกแบบบรรจุภัณฑ์

packaging design:

designprice (THB)
packagingstart at 15,000
complete set: packaging & lablestart at 17,000

bon8 รับออกแบบสินค้า 3D mockup

3D mockup:

designprice (THB)
standard mockup5,000
special mockupdepend on requirement


  • in case 3D file is provided by customer, the price will be considered as standard mockup price

bon8 รับออกแบบบูธในการ exhibition


designprice (THB)
roll-up, x-stand, j-flag5,000

bon8 รับออกแบบ banner สำหรับ facebook

banner on social media:

designprice (THB)
single banner with caption*5,000
infographic banner with caption*start at 8,000
album cover with caption*1st - 5,000, next - 2,500
short animation banner (7-15 sec)10,000
Design Brief3,500
Facebook caption only2,500
SEO Content (Strategy & Planning)25,000/content
campaign : brand awareness
20% of MS,
start@ 30K/mth
campaign : lead generation/ inbox
30% of MS,
start@ 45K/mth
campaign : conversion
35% of MS,
start@ 52.5K/mth


  • *No caption can discount 1,500 THB/content

bon8 รับออกแบบงาน 2D Animation

2D animation: viral clip, grand opening VDO

designprice (THB)
2D animationstart at 25,000/min
storyboardstart at 10,000
subtitle (Thai, English)1,500/min

bon8 รับออกแบบงาน presentation

presentation design: for PowerPoint & Keynote

presentationprice (THB)
zen stylestart at 25,000
animation stylestart at 30,000
dramatic VDO stylestart at 35,000

bon8 รับออกแบบตัดต่อ VDO

VDO editing:

designprice (THB)
VDO editing15,000/min
special effectdepend on the requirement
creative & storyboardstart at 10,000
voice over (Thai, English)start at TH 3K/min and EN 5K/min

bon8 รับออกแบบ product

product design:

packageprice (THB)
draft idea
3D mockup
showcase photo

start 20,000

(please contact for more information)

bon8 รับออกแบบ ux & ui ของ website และ mobile application

ux & ui design:

depend on scope & complication of mobile application

please contact team for quotation

bon8 รับออกแบบ line sticker

Sticker line:

Amountprice (THB)
8 stickers35K
16 stickers70K
24 stickers100K
40 stickers150K

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